les memoires d'une petite reine
♛ t w i t t e r ♛ i n s t a g r a m ♛ ? ♛
My legal name is Jenny. I was born in 1993 in Toronto, Canada. I am in a long distance relationship. I am a professional makeup artist and connoisseur.

i’m currently taking a break from burning discs of all 1200+ photos (from only august until today) that i have uploaded via iPhone to my macbook. the process would have been a lot easier if the usb ports on my macbook weren’t broken. yeah, i have an external hard drive, but again… broken usb ports results in me doing it the ghetto way… iphone>icloud>iphoto>dragging uploaded photos to desktop folders>burning folders onto discs>deleting off phone>in order to send my macbook into repairs. God forbid i lose all my photos from my macbook when i get it back from the shop. duh, that’s why i’m going through hell right now. wow. my macbook is literally turning into a piece of shit and making my life really fucking difficult. 

wow, my life is far from adventurous. take me back to last week please? i really hope this does not last long. i really hate being stuck at home for more than two days in a row. yes, i can always walk out of my house, but what am i suppose to do when i don’t work the hours i used to, and what do i do when i’m not cramming away with my studies? friends, well my friends are all busy this time of the year, and i might be crazy for pulling people together to go to lost and found (a club) on monday night. oh right, this is all because i am not in school this year. i guess i am just sick of being a lazy tard. yawn. nappy time now.

i recently went a little reckless with my weekend adventures in august, and i am just temporarily putting a stop to it all just so that i can catch my breath. as some of you may or may not know, i recently celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend on august the 4th. we just did that lame-romantic thing were we celebrated at the same location we met last year. veld music festival. it has been one hell of a year, but i’m looking forward to many more years with this one because i know… he is the one.

the third weekend in august, i ended up travelling to quebec, again, and landed a seat at my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding. i got really wasted and ended up puking three different times starting at nine-at-night. that fiasco lasted two-and-a-half-hours until i sobered up, and guess who ended up getting fucked up… yeah, my boyfriend. 

the fourth weekend in august was spent at a cottage just an hour north from my house. i always go up with a group of friends each year, and my boyfriend made it to this little gathering. i would have rated the 2014 experience about 6/10… just because there was an individual who was really obnoxious, and did not let anyone in the cottage sleep at all. mind you, i was the one playing the role of “house mother”… again. grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, maintaining the house, watching the drunkards, and fighting off the rude people who tried to pick fight with my group.

for the last weekend in august, i decided to travel to florida. i went with one of my best guy friends, and it was awesome. i did major shopping damage, got a beautiful tan, and only gained three pounds from all the dining i did within the six days i was there. my friend and i ended up renting out a camera convertible, shopped literally everyday, ate out everyday, and just came home exhausted. luckily for me, my luggage ended up being exactly maximum weight capacity for both checked and carry-on luggage. i don’t think i need to shop for myself until my birthday. 

in the past two days, all i really did was unpack my suitcase, added new pieces to my wardrobe, clean my makeup brushes, and ate hot cheetos. my poops are fire red. yeah, this break from my jet-setter life is definitely needed. 

it’s our anniversary, and we will kiss and get a photo of it if we want. 

it’s our anniversary, and we will kiss and get a photo of it if we want. 

i’m considering just making my blog, twitter, facebook and all of my social media private from everyone… these days you can’t express your own damn feelings and opinions without someone saying something negative and taking it out of context. as a matter of fact, everything that has been produced via typing whether it be text, blogging or messaging has been taken out of context. the amount of fights and arguments i have been in this week alone is due to the fact that people are to damn lazy to call me and/or tell me straight up in person. we lose the sense of emotion when we read, we don’t laugh because we type “lol”, and it’s always up to our own imagination to think how the text should be read. 9/10 times there is always a negative preconceived notion, and somehow a playful message like “hey xx” can turn into “hey ;) ;) (fuck me now)” and then it leads into stupid pity fights. i am convinced that no one ever fixes fights via replying back with text. i’m over texting people. i’d rather spend ten minutes just on the phone with someone rather than messaging back and forth within a duration of a day.