les memoires d'une petite reine
♛ t w i t t e r ♛ i n s t a g r a m ♛ ? ♛
My legal name is Jenny. I was born in 1993 in Toronto, Canada. I am in a long distance relationship. I am a professional makeup artist and connoisseur.

I cannot stand spoiled privileged people. The people who have their lives handed to them on a silver platter, and don’t take advantage of their advantages in life. The same people who grew up with barbies… The barbies that have barbie houses, cars and have an entire wardrobe. Living in a carefree world and it’s a toxic fucking world that they live in. You would think these are the people who will help change society with what they’ve been granted, but no. Mommy and daddy have provided a house, car, money and an education for them to stick straws up their noses to blow coke, fuck different people they recently met, and then wake up then next morning and act like they’re better than everyone else. I guess that’s what happens with white girls do white girl. Honey, you’re one baby, two STD’s and three shots of tequila away from fucking your entire future up. Correct yourself. I sympathize for these fucking fools. Can’t wait to throw change at these people, maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get some bills. 

i’ve been kind of out of touch with myself. the only shopping i’ve done this past month was dropping off my tiffany bracelet to get a charm saughtered on, and i bought contacts from italy. wow, so exciting… not. i haven’t touched my macbook in God-knows-how-long, and i haven’t gotten back to a million emails about contracts. i was suppose to do three photoshoots, but i’ve rescheduled a bunch of times because my health has declined from a new routine i’ve been trying. it’s called “really-not-giving-any-fucks”. i don’t think i’m satisfied with the results… considering i gained seven pounds off of food, and lost ten because i got the flu two weeks ago. i’ve been in bed watching netflix on my iPad, i’ve been playing that kim kardashian game on my iphone… i’ve done nothing exciting with my life to be honest. don’t get me wrong, i do go to work on the weekends, but it has gotten to the point where getting presentable to the world has been such a drag. well, it’s about time i pickup my tiffany bracelet, and i think i’m going to get shitfaced tonight at some saloon bar i was invited to. until next time.

i know how difficult it can be when you’re around me when i am trying to be a good friend. i am always brutally honest, and i never let anyone interrupt me until i’m finished my speech. believe me, i don’t mean to do that on purpose, it is never my intention… but if you’re ever going to go asking for my opinion, i will state the facts, though i might come off as a bitch. open your eyes, open up your ears, because you need to fucking realize that the truth is what you will and need to hear. i don’t have time for people to back-talk me trying to defend their weak ass when i set the facts straight… just shut the fuck up you lame mother fucker. if you’re a hoe, i’ll tell you you’re a hoe. if you’re annoying, i’ll tell you you’re annoying. i don’t beat around the bush, i am fucking raw and real… and maybe you need to re-evaluate the fake people around you that you call your friends.

i’m currently taking a break from burning discs of all 1200+ photos (from only august until today) that i have uploaded via iPhone to my macbook. the process would have been a lot easier if the usb ports on my macbook weren’t broken. yeah, i have an external hard drive, but again… broken usb ports results in me doing it the ghetto way… iphone>icloud>iphoto>dragging uploaded photos to desktop folders>burning folders onto discs>deleting off phone>in order to send my macbook into repairs. God forbid i lose all my photos from my macbook when i get it back from the shop. duh, that’s why i’m going through hell right now. wow. my macbook is literally turning into a piece of shit and making my life really fucking difficult. 

wow, my life is far from adventurous. take me back to last week please? i really hope this does not last long. i really hate being stuck at home for more than two days in a row. yes, i can always walk out of my house, but what am i suppose to do when i don’t work the hours i used to, and what do i do when i’m not cramming away with my studies? friends, well my friends are all busy this time of the year, and i might be crazy for pulling people together to go to lost and found (a club) on monday night. oh right, this is all because i am not in school this year. i guess i am just sick of being a lazy tard. yawn. nappy time now.