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it’s our anniversary, and we will kiss and get a photo of it if we want. 

it’s our anniversary, and we will kiss and get a photo of it if we want. 

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i’m considering just making my blog, twitter, facebook and all of my social media private from everyone… these days you can’t express your own damn feelings and opinions without someone saying something negative and taking it out of context. as a matter of fact, everything that has been produced via typing whether it be text, blogging or messaging has been taken out of context. the amount of fights and arguments i have been in this week alone is due to the fact that people are to damn lazy to call me and/or tell me straight up in person. we lose the sense of emotion when we read, we don’t laugh because we type “lol”, and it’s always up to our own imagination to think how the text should be read. 9/10 times there is always a negative preconceived notion, and somehow a playful message like “hey xx” can turn into “hey ;) ;) (fuck me now)” and then it leads into stupid pity fights. i am convinced that no one ever fixes fights via replying back with text. i’m over texting people. i’d rather spend ten minutes just on the phone with someone rather than messaging back and forth within a duration of a day. 

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