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after another month i’ve decided to blog, damn. to be honest, the only reason why i haven’t been blogging is because my life is never on pause. this has got to be the best summer of my life. within the past month, i’ve gotten to see my boyfriend every weekend, and i’ve gone to several events including digital dreams, electric island, a boat party, and electro wild festival. work has not gotten in the way of my personal life, and i’ve been stress free. it’s such a good feeling, it’s indescribable. 

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♛ http://queeenna.tumblr.com/ ♛ http://instagram.com/jennylittlequeen ♛

i haven’t touched my blog in a good month, and it’s actually made me realize that writing about everything is actually very therapeutic for me. i am either the happiest, maddest or saddest when i decide to write… then again, i think i’m pms-ing and my period is almost two weeks late… but getting to the point. 

people just like to act like they care about you and your feelings… but in everyone’s mind it’s actually “fuck yo feelings” when you decide to express yourself and lets be honest, no one gives two fucks about your problems. half the reason why i’m such a cunt is because i have no real ride-or-die person to vent to. i’ve suppressed so much bullshit this month that it has piled over and now i’m drowning in it. strong metaphor. but seriously. i just think i’m over trying to let people into my life, and i think it’s now acceptable to approach every issue through some sort of social media platform that’s not twitter.